Ants come from a very large and widespread family of insects. It includes many types, such as Pharaoh ants which stroll merrily in the house and the food pantry, carpenter ants which eat up the house’s structure to make nests and galleries, and pavement ants found in high number in flower beds around the house which dig under the pavement. Groupe LM extermination offers a range of proven professional treatments and techniques to solve all your problems linked to ants. Furthermore, by treating the exterior of your buildings each year, you ensure an environment exempt of these undesirables. This treatment is worthwhile and much less expensive than having to open the house’s or the business’ walls to find the nests, eradicating the pests and then repairing the holes in the walls. It also prevents the use of pesticides inside. Call our client service now to learn more about the different services and products offered.